Ichi Antiquités

Washer Herringbone kjole - Violet

3.750,00 kr 1.875,00 kr

Herlig, enkel kjole i en tykkere herringbonemønstret ullblanding.
Kjolen har rund hals, dropped shoulders og god vidde. Lett oversized modell som sitter og faller pent. Lommer i sidene.
Underkjole/skjørt anbefales.
Farge: Mørk lilla melert 
One Size. (Oversized S - XL)
Materiale: 72% ull, 28% polyester og nylon 800627
Produsert i Japan.

Based in Fukuoka, Japan, Ichi Antiquites believes in creating timeless, effortless pieces with a comfortable sensibility and everyday use in mind. Each piece comes in one-size, transforming and taking shape after the individual for that perfect lived-in feel. All clothing and goods are crafted with enduring quality in Japan, using natural materials and dyes in rich yet subtle hues. The designers are inspired by a classic silhouette, simple shapes, soft colors, and ease and release four collections a year.