Skjørt - Pure Indigo

2.590,00 kr 1.295,00 kr

Nydelig skjørt med høyt liv i en fantastisk flott indigoblå farge. A-fasong. Lommer i siden. To perlemorsknapper bak. 
Materiale: 100% lin
Farge: Indigo
With indigo dyed garments there is always a risk of dry bleeding and the garment will gradually fade in colour when it is used and washed, like a pair of jeans. Note that the colour indigo has individual nuances, and that the colour can vary from garment to garment as well as in the same garment. This is a part of the beauty with true indigo. Style with any of the tops in the same material for a complete look.

Art.nr. 210115 27 

Soft, thin, true indigo dyed linen. Indigofera tinctoria (true indigo) is a one to two meter-high-plant with light green leaves and violet flowers. The dye is obtained from processing the leaves, and the plant is rotated into fields to improve the soil in the same way as alfalfa and beans. The colour will gradually fade wash by wash. Wash inside out with similar colours and rinse well. With indigo dyed garments there is always a risk of dry bleeding. Do not use light-coloured underwear under your indigo dyed garments and avoid styling it with white jeans or shirts. Our garments are pre-washed and tumble dried for a relaxed leisure look. No need to iron the garments.