Tamaki Niime

Lite Roots skjerf - Bomull 814

290,00 kr

Mykt, løsvevd skjerf fra Tamaki Niime. Lett og fluffy. Rå kanter og frynser.
Dette skjerfet er perfekt til håret, eller til en skjorte, eller t-shirt, og fresher opp ethvert antrekk!

Materiale: 100% bomull.
Mål: Ca. 118x44cm.
Ingen skjerf er like.
Håndlaget i Japan.

Dette skjerfet sender vi som brev 55.- (inntil 4stk)

No two scarves by Tamaki Niime are alike; each is made with banshu weaving style, using vintage looms and the saki-zome technique of pre-dying before weaving.

‘roots shawl’, the origin of tamaki niime has soft and light feeling with variety of colors.
Our 1970’s looms with much slower speed than modern one other manufacturer used for mass production make ‘roots shawl’ soft and light.
A loom of us produces only 20 shawls a day.
We change colors of weft every 3 to 4 shawls and each shawls have different pattern, so all of roots shawls are one of a kind. The weft we use is dyed in our workshop to have thousands of variation of colors and ikat. Right for everyone.
Small size shawl is cut the big shawl for making small shawls for more people.