Linkjole - Blå ruter

4.390,00 kr 3.073,00 kr

Herlig, oversized kjole i tynn linkvalitet. Rund hals, legg, raglanermer og kappe. To store lommer i front. 3/4 erm med elastikk rundt håndledd. Perlemorsknapper i ryggen.
Generøs vidde.
Farge: Blå/hvit rutete.
Siste to bilder viser kjolen i et annet stoff. 

Washed thin linen in blue check. The checked design is inspired by classic kitchen home wear and it is specially developed for nygårdsanna's spring 2022 collection. The raw material for this linen is grown in France, Belgium, Holland, and Poland. It is woven and dyed in Lithuania according to high sustainability standards. Our garments are washed and tumble dried for a relaxed leisure look. No need to iron the garments

This dress is a signature style in the collection and inspired by the Swedish artist and textile designer Karin Larsson. Our dress is an homage to Karin and her free and individual wardrobe. 

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