Bestefarskjorte - Ecru

2.950,00 kr

Den klassiske bestefarskjorten med "smekke" og legg i front.
Full lengde på ermer, brede mansjetter med hull for knapper. (følger ikke med) 
Materiale: 100% lin
Farge: Ecru.

Art.nr.: 210148 90

Soft, thin 100% linen in white, ecru, and a classic chambray inspired grey-blue melange. Ecru is the name for linen’s natural raw undyed colour and can be lighter or darker and more or less yellow depending on the weather conditions while growing. The Swedish name for the special white blue melange cotton material is "systertyg" and was often used for nurse dresses. The raw material for this linen is grown in France, Belgium and Holland, and it is woven in Lithuania according to high sustainability standards.