Kortermet bluse - Natur

2.890,00 kr 1.445,00 kr

Søt, romantisk bluse med striper i natur og hvitt.
God lengde på ermer, a-fasong med vidde. Nydelig firkantskåret utringning med små legg. Blusen sitter pent over brystet.
Perlemorsknapper i front.
Materiale: 100% lin
OBS! Det siste bilder viser blusen i annen stripekombinasjon!

Art.nr. 220109 22

Soft, thin, and striped 100% linen in nature and grey stripe.
The two different striped are developed specially for nygårdsanna's spring 2022 collection. The raw material for this linen is grown in France, Belgium, Holland, and Poland, it is woven and dyed in Lithuania according to high sustainability standards. Our garments are washed and tumble dried for a relaxed leisure look. No need to iron the garments.