Lin Skjorte - Grønn

2.850,00 kr 1.450,00 kr

Superfin, litt tykkere linskjorte med brystlommer. Perlemorsknapper. Fullengde ermer med mansjetter. Legg i ryggen. Lett oversized fit.
Farge: Grønn
Materiale: 100% lin
Vaskes på 30 grader.
Art.nr. 200203 40
Soft, dense, heavier autumn linen. The muted colour range is inspired by the challenging climate and dramatic nature on the Faroe Islands. It includes the cloudy and misty colours; grey, dark grey, brown, bottle green and blue. Our garments are washed, and tumble dried for a relaxed leisure look. No need to iron the garments. Always wash inside out and with washing detergent without bleach. The raw material for this linen is grown in France, Belgium and Holland and is woven and dyed in Lithuania according to high sustainability standards.