Wide Polo - Natur

3.990,00 kr

Herlig chunky pologenser i melert naturfarget ull.
Raus høy hals, dropped shoulders, ekstra lange ermer med bred ribbekant.
Genseren er noe lenger bak enn foran.
Materiale: 100% tweed ull 220223 02

Soft tweed wool with a homespun hand feel and look in colours inspired by the nature. Contrasting neps and slobs are important characters of this unique material named "The Genuine Donegal".This special type of yarn has been produced in the County of Donegal / Ireland since the beginning of 1900.
The raw wool material is from New Zealand and Norway and certified according to Woolmark standards.

Wash by hand or in machine, but only if you have the special wool wash program. Dry flat. Remember that wool cleans itself. Freshen up your garment by hanging it outdoors