Grandpa skjortekjole - Grå stripet

3.390,00 kr 1.750,00 kr

Den populære skjortekjolen, eller tunikaen, om du vil -  med kinakrave og knappestolpe i front.
Perlemorsknapper. Lommer i siden. God vidde. Ekstra brede mansjetter med hull for mansjettknapper.
Farge: Mørk gråblå/brunsort stripet.
100% vasket og tromlet lin.
Vaskes på 30 grader.
Art. 200241 24

The small workwear stripe is inspired by the wall construction of the special fermenting huts on Faroe Islands. It is designed by Nygårds Anna and specially made for the autumn 2020 collection. Our garments are washed, and tumble dried for a relaxed leisure look. No need to iron the garments. Always wash inside out and with washing detergent without bleach.
The raw material for this linen is grown in Belgium, France and Poland. It is spun, dyed and woven in Lithuania according to high sustainability standards.