Magnolia Pearl

Sweatshirt - Shine Fearlessly - Moonlight

3.890,00 kr 2.334,00 kr

Sweatshirt med håndbrodert tekst i sort. Trekvart erm. God vidde. 
Vintagebehandlet og røff i kantene,
Materiale: Bomullsjersey
Farge: Creme
One Size. (Overized S-XL) 1025

"Imperfection is our aesthetic in an impermanent, ever changing, beautiful world.
Embracing the imperfections of life is where the soul meets the heart."

All products from Magnolia Pearl are made with naturals fabrics, woven and printed with Love to make them original and full of character. Natural color dying creates variations that are one of a kind.
Inconsistency is part of the products originality, character and hand-made quality. 
Due to the nature of the materials used no two items will be 100% identical, this is part of it's unique identity and beauty.
The high quality materials used need special care: delicately wash or hand wash, crinkle and dry on a flat surface.