Cardigan - Dark Brown

3.090,00 kr

Nygårdsannas signaturcardigan med v-hals, store frontlommer,
fullengde ermer. Ribbestrikket halsutringning, håndledd og nedekant. Lett A-fasong.
Jakken er strikket i chunky, myk Shetlandsull.
Farge: Mørk brun melert.
Materiale: 100% ull 

Extra soft Woolmark-certified Shetland wool in mélange colours. The wool fibres breathe and transport moisture away from your body. It also has natural anti-bacterial qualities which keeps it from smelling and it cleans itself hanging out in fresh air. Wool is perfect for layering. Use our jerseys beneath our knitwear, our knitwear beneath our Harris Tweed and it will keep you warm.

The wool is spun in Turkey with raw material from New Zeeland and South America and then dyed in England. The garments are washed and have a soft hand feel.

Vask: Wash by hand or in machine, but only if you have the special wool wash program. Dry flat. Remember that wool cleans itself. Freshen up your garment by hanging it outdoors.

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