Linkjole med lommer - Blue

3.190,00 kr 2.233,00 kr

Sommerens deiligste kjole!
Oversized linkjole med albuelange ermer, dropped shoulders, splitt i sidene og frontlommer. God vidde.
Farge: Blå melert. Fargen vil gradvis bleke noe ved bruk og vask. 
Materiale. 100% vasket og delavéfarget lin.  
På det siste bilde er kjolen vist i natur.

Washed 100% linen in mélange colours. The mélange linen is specially dyed with a method called delavé and will gradually fade in colour wash by wash to a beautiful vintage look. The mélange colour range is inspired by nature's own colours; ash, sand, blue, and ink blue. Always use washing detergent without bleach and always wash inside out. Do not use stain remover on the linen, it will leave white spots wherever used. Our garments are washed, and tumble dried for a relaxed and soft look. No need to iron the garments. The raw material for the mélange linen is grown and spun in France. It is woven in Italy.

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